Structures for Implementation

Structures have been set up at National, Regional and Local level to support development of the Framework.


At National level, by Government decision, a National_Steering_Group (NSG) was established, replacing the Inter-Departmental Committee on Major Emergencies. The NSG established a National_Working_Group (NWG) to undertake tasks associated with the programme.


Arising from the provisions of the Framework, in each of the eight Major Emergency Management regions, a Regional_Steering_Group (RSG) on Major Emergency Management was formed, comprising senior personnel from the Principal Response Agencies within that region. The Framework provided that Regional_Working_Groups (RWGs) were to be formed to support the Regional Steering Groups and to undertake the functions assigned at regional level.


At Local/Agency level each principal response agency is responsible for undertaking the requirements set out in the Framework.

                                        Structures for Implementation